Cold Pack Cleaning

Cold Pack Cleaning Instructions

Cold pack cleaning is easy!  Just wipe the outside material with damp cloth if the cold pack gets light dirt accumulation.  Please make sure to not use any cleaning product or solvents on the cold packs outer material as they could cause damage to the pack.  Also make sure to throw the pack away and replace if over time it becomes too heavily soiled and you are unable to clean.  Note that your cold packs should be stored in the freezer and in a plastic bag to prevent soiling and to keep cold for use.  Our cold packs are only meant to be used on non-broken skin only.

At Hot Cold Pack our packs are 100% American Made and are non toxic.  For more information on our Hot or Cold Pack manufacture please visit online or contact us via the book contact information below.

Cold Pack Cleaning

Cold Pack Cleaning Questions?

If you have questions about cold pack cleaning, our Hot Packs or Cold Packs or see something you would like for us to carry please feel free to send an email,

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