Hot Cold Pack Videos

These hot cold pack videos from our YouTube channel will help you decide which pack is right for you. At we only sell the best American made hot and cold packs! Our hot cold packs are non-toxic, biodegradable, clay based and 100% American made. We also offer PVC free packs made from a Urethane coated nylon. All of our packs contain a slow flow clay based inner material that will never slump when applied and our packs will never crack or harden in the freezer. Softouch brand hot cold packs have been made in the USA for over 15 years and are continuously the #1 choice among Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.

Softouch Hot Cold Pack Videos

SOFT Hot Cold Pack Videos

PVC Free Cold Pack Video

Chillies Style Cold Pack Video

Quality Hot & Cold Packs

hot cold pack videos
Our Hot & Cold Packs Deliver

  • Deep penetrating cold
  • The flexibility of a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack
  • The reusability of a gel pack
  • Are easy to use with no messy leaks
  • Both hot and cold therapy relief

Heat therapy and hot and cold therapy are commonly used by physiotherapists in the treatment of sports injuries.  Therapeutic heat can relieve muscle spasm, reduce pain and increase blood flow to the injured area.  These therapeutic effects of heat speed up the healing process of a sports injury.  Our hot cold packs are perfect for treating all areas of the body and deliver hot or cold therapy.

Hot Cold Pack Video – Questions?

If you have questions about our Hot Cold Pack videos or see something you would like for us to carry please feel free to send an email, make sure to remember that all of our hot cold therapy packs are RF Sealed and are 100% American Made!

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