SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack


SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack

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SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack

Small: 6″ x 10″

  • Extra Plush Woven Material
  • Velcro positioning strap included.
  • Microwave or Freeze
  • Heavy duty, superior quality nylon exterior.
  • SloFlow™ Gel stays pliable when frozen.
  • Gel is nontoxic & biodegradable.
  • Reusable and easy to disinfect.
  • Keep the cold or heat right where you want it.
  • 100% American Made!

SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack
Small hot or cold packs are specifically designed for headaches, migraines, bug bites, carpel tunnel, sprained wrists and elbows.

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SOFT & SofTouch Heating and Care Instructions

Place hot cold pack flat in microwave oven. If pad is at room temperature, microwave 30 seconds at high power, then 10 second intervals never to exceed 1 minute of total heating time. If reheating a warm pad (heated in the last 2 hours), microwave 10 second intervals never to exceed 30 seconds of total heating time. Knead pad to evenly distribute heat between each heating interval and after total heating time.

When To Use Your SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack

The SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack is perfect for almost any area of your body. This pack will provide instant relief to acing body parts or is also great for back pain and migraine headaches.  Confused about when to use hot therapy and when to use cold therapy?  You are not alone.  Understanding the benefits of each is key to relieving pain and speeding recovery.

  • Use Cold Therapy immediately after an injury to reduce inflammation.
  • Do not use Cold Therapy on stiff muscles or joints.
  • Use Hot Therapy to relax/sooth sore muscles or to increase range of motion.
  • Do not use Hot Therapy on an injury that is already warm to the touch.

These 4 guidelines are simple ways to determine whether to use hot or cold therapy.

SOFT Small Hot or Cold Pack Questions?

At HOT-COLD-PACK.COM we strive to provide excellent customer service, if you have questions about our Hot Packs or Cold Packs or see something you would like for us to carry please feel free to send an email,

HOT COLD PACK, 100% American Made Hot & Cold Packs!

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